Don't boo. Vote.

Friendly reminder before next week: “Don’t boo. Vote.” Let your voice be heard November 8th.


Desktop and Mobile Site Wireframe

Created a quick desktop and mobile wireframe for a site a while back - just getting around to posting work from the last year.

Created using Paper by 53 + Pencil.

Manny Vice

So we have a 'Priority List' board at work to keep track of projects and due dates during our design sprints. I wanted to create something that would represent where I'm coming from with a touch of the 80's: I call it 'Manny Vice'. 

Created using Sketch and Photoshop.


Power / Rangers Teaser Movie Poster

I was inspired to create a Power Rangers teaser movie poster after watching the amazing short film Power / Rangers directed by Joseph Kahn and the latest announcement of Lionsgate and Saban making a feature film set to release next year. I love the idea of re-visiting a child hood series and making it darker and more violent than what I remember it being so many years ago. Thanks to Firestarter's Blog for the Red Ranger figure image. 

Created using Photoshop.