WWE Survivor Series Poster

The concept of this poster was derived from last year's 'Man of Steel' film. Roman Reign's recent injury, the inclusion of the word ‘survivor’ in the event’s name along with one of his signature moves named the superman punch really sealed the deal when thinking of a theme for this month’s pay-per-view poster. 

I started re-creating the Survivor Series logo using Illustrator and tweaked to illustrate the look and feel of the poster's concept. I wanted to make sure I stayed with two colors max for the event’s name, but came across an issue with the date and time blending in together too well when stacked to the point where you would get lost when reading all the details. I overcame this obstacle by slightly bringing down the hue of the color blue in my color palette which helped seperate the sub title from the date and time. 

I wanted to give the impression that Reigns had just survived (pun intended) a brutal fight while furiously punching the ground causing the ice to crack and ice particles to fly toward the viewer. I added some details on Reign’s back and head and tried to give the impression that it was being dusted off and flying off in the wind. It wouldn’t be a super hero poster without a lens flare tossed in there, would it? 

Created using Photoshop and Illustrator.


OS X Yosemite Wallpaper

Made this when OS X Yosemite was first announced on June 2nd and waited to share until it's official release date. Clean, simple, and elegant. Just like OS X. 

Created using Photoshop.

WWE Magazine: Final Issue

When World Wrestling Entertainment announced that they would end circulation of their publication due to budget cuts and poor sales in October, I began to reminisce back to a time when I was younger and would go directly to the magazine section of my local Target or grocery store to check out their selection of pro wrestling magazines. It's unreal to think they'll be a time where magazines are a thing of the past and everything will only be available on digital platforms. 

I wanted to recreate what I had envisioned the final issue being: a throwback to the first issue of WWF Victory Magazine featuring Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka leapfrogging his opponent. I would have rather used someone like Seth Rollins leapfrogging an opponent from about the same angle to pay homage to the very first issue, but rather went with a portrait shot that I feel would of realistically have been considered as a final mockup featuring what some would consider the future of the company. 

I've recreated everything from the masthead and the cover lines to the barcode and the 'Last Issue Ever' badge (even peeling off). I used Helvetica Neue as my typeface using different weights and sizes in attempt to recreate the same modern look and feel used in 1983 for Victory Magazine. I initially created the magazine without the left cover lines, but it looked too empty and didn't seem something that I believe WWE would have used, so I added more headlines to attract the reader to pickup the magazine. I wanted to make sure the magazine felt dark and gritty similar to the first issue, yet stood out in a sea of magazines using that same bold yellow (pun intended) in the masthead. 

Created using Illustrator and Photoshop.

WWF Victory Magazine: First Issue. 

WWF Victory Magazine: First Issue. 

WWE Magazine: Final Issue

WWE Magazine: Final Issue


Braun Alarm Clock

With the introduction of the Apple Watch, I felt the need to illustrate my favorite clock of all time (pun intended): The AB1 alarm clock designed by Dietrich Lubs.

Created using Sketch.